Frequently Asked Questions - General
  • What is noQ24x7 Card?
    noQ24x7 Card is India's premier, multi-services prepaid card. With this card you can make payments for all your bills like electricity, telephone, mobile, water, book rail ticket, pay dishtv subscription and much more.

  • How is noQ24x7 card different from ItzCash Card?
    ItzCash Card is the issuer of noQ24x7 card. The card functions the way ItzCash Card used to function. The card has the same features and facilities like an ItzCash Card.

  • What are the benefits I can get with noQ24x7 Card?
    At par value product - The card is an at par value product which empowers you to make payments for essential services anytime-anywhere with convenience and ease.
    Payment without queues- The card helps you to pay your essential bills, book railway tickets etc. anytime, anywhere without standing in any queue.
    Safe and convenient - It is the smartest option available to any Indian consumer who would like to pay on-line, on-mobile and IVRS.
    Range - Available in denominations from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 10,000/- and easy reload options, it allows you to be in control of what you spend.
    Micro payments - It uniquely enables the consumer to process micro payments of Re. 1/- upto Rs. 10,000/-.
    No hidden costs – The consumer can utilise the full value of the card.

  • What are the various denominations of the card that I can purchase?
    noQ24x7 Cards are available in Rs. 250/-, Rs. 500/-, Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 3000/-, Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 10000/- denominations.

  • How do I use the noQ24x7 Card?
    For using this card you need to scratch the masked area on the reverse of the card where ItzCash is mentioned. It will reveal your account no. and password. To see the demo please click here

  • What is the Account Number?
    Account number is a 12 digit number (e.g. 522542952669) beneath the masked area. It is used for a payment's authentication. Do not disclose your account number to anyone including Itz Cash Card Limited employees for your queries related to the card.

  • What is the Password?
    Password is the 4-digit number (e.g. 5732) after the account number. This too is available under the masked area. Do not disclose your password to anyone including Itz Cash Card Limited employees for your queries related to the card.

  • What is a serial ID?
    Serial ID is a 16 Digit Alpha Numeric card number (e.g. Z1RQ S000 1234 7898) visible on the back side of the card. This number is used for all communication with ItzCash Card Ltd. When you communicate with our customer care executive, you can check payment details with this number. This number is provided so that you need not part with your account number and password during any queries.

  • Can I swipe this card?
    No. This is a scratch card.

  • How do I get my Account number and Password?
    Scratch the scratch area of the card to reveal your Account number and password.

  • Can I use the card in any shopping mall?
    No. noQ24x7 Card can be used on-line, on-mobile and IVRS.

  • Is noQ24x7 a credit card or a debit card?
    noQ24x7 Card is neither a credit card nor a debit card. It is a multi-utility prepaid instrument, which facilitates making payments for all your bills like electricity, telephone, mobile, water, book rail ticket, pay dishtv subscription and much more.

  • How do I know the card is genuine?
    Check whether "noQ24x7" is appearing on the scratch panel. Also ensure that the plastic pouch and the scratch area are not tampered with.

  • How can I get in touch with customer care?
    You can call us at 022-61125757 and 1901 345 7575 (for MTNL/BSNL)
    Email: query@itzcash.com or help@itzcash.com or visit www.itzcash.com and click on Help Desk, submit your queries with details.
    SMS: SMS your query to 57575, ITZHELP_<Your Query>
    For eg. ITZHELP Where can I purchase a card in Pune
    Note: "_" - Single space
    You will get back a query number for your reference and customer care executive will contact your.
    Write to us:  Itz Cash Card Ltd
    KYC Cell, Everest Square, junction of Shraddhanand & Nehru Road,
    Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400 057.
    Tel. No. 022-61125656, Fax No. 022-26185383

  • How can I purchase higher value products exceeding the card value?
    If you have a lower value card than your transaction value you can buy a 24x7recharge voucher and can reload to a maximum limit of your card or you can purchase another noQ24x7 Card and complete your transaction.

  • How can I order the card?
    You can buy the card through an extensive pan-India network spanning approx 2,00,000 outlets, called "ItzCash Point" across approx 2,000 Tier I & II towns in the country. It is also available at approx 40,000 ItzCash franchisees branded as ItzCash world. To view a list of ICWs click here.
    You can also get the card home delivered. For home delivery click here.

  • How do I reload the card?
    The card can be reloaded with a reload voucher available at your nearest outlet.
    For reload voucher details click here.

  • How can I check the balance of my card?
    You can send the following message to 57575:
    For eg. ITZ_BAL_123456789012_1234
    Note: "_" - Single space
    click on login submit your account no. and password. Select Scratch as card type to see your card balance.

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